Staff Wellbeing Patio – options

Brenda, Nick and I discussed purchasing some furniture for our new patio this afternoon.  The current spend on material is approximately £370 so we have a little left in the grant of £130.  The furniture we would like to complete the wellbeing area exceeds this limit so I am out with my cap to see if you will kindly agree to top up the funds.

Total spend depending on the chairs chosen would be £201.97 or £234.37.  There is free delivery from this company and includes a 10% discount on the more expensive chairs.

Can you have a look at each of the items using the links below and indicate for each if you are okay for them to be purchased or not.

Staff Wellbeing Patio


Okay to purchase?

Chairs - only choose one of the two options at most

Okay to purchase?
Okay to purchase?

We are also looking to pick up cushions and a couple of planters but Brenda and I are going to purchase these ourselves.  

Thanks for considering my request. 

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