Pre-registration Form

Please complete and submit the form below in order to reserve your registration slot with Bruntsfield Medical Practice.

We only have so many new patients that we can register each week, so these registration slots go quickly. Once gone, the form won’t reopen until the following Tuesday at 11am.

If you receive a message to say your submission was sent successfully then please be assured that your slot has been reserved and we will be in touch shortly with your registration forms to complete.


All the registration slots available for this week have now been taken.

The form opens each Tuesday at 11am to take new registration applications.

It is worth being aware that there is currently a shortfall of spaces at GP practices in this area, however, you will be eligible to apply to several practices according to your postal address and the catchment areas of local GP practices. You can visit the NHS Inform website to explore other practice options -

If you have tried and exhausted all options available to you and have had no success in securing a space at a GP practice, you can email the health board at detailing where you have tried and when. They may be able to allocate you a GP practice.

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